Take control of your workflow

Movex helps transport companies to create efficiency for their fleets and improve customer experience as well as access to continuous vehicle movement opportunities

Endless revenue opportunities

Movex offers one of the largest combined vehicle movement pools around, with more than 150,000 vehicle movements opportunities per year and a dealer network which keeps growing, we enable you to pick the right jobs for your business.

Search by postcode to find jobs which fit your existing routes and coverage, fill your backloads and manage reverse logistics making more effective use of your drivers, fleets and fuel.

Keeping your business moving

We manage invoicing of the client meaning that you can focus on the task at hand. The Movex platform will keep the client informed every step of the way, our automated tools are designed not only to assist the dealers they are also designed to help you too.

Movex offers fast payments, we guarantee payments to transport companies within four days of completing the job – helping you to manage cash flow and keep your business moving.

Supporting your business operations

Movex is easy to use and get started, a simple registration process gives you access to the platform where you can search for jobs, use market intelligence to bid competitively, view customer feedback, real-time notifications, and integrated customer billing.

Make the Movex platform your single integrated booking process for your new and existing customers today.

Use Movex

Join hundreds of other transport companies that are sourcing new movement vehicle opportunities and maximising their operational efficiencies.