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Simply select the “Get a quote or Get started” links on our homepage this will allow you to place a movement onto the platform and create you with an account to log back into to place further jobs.

Transport providers can put an expiry time on their quotes as they need to be able to plan their work. If a quote has expired you will no longer see it. You can email or call the Broker Team who will contact the transport provider on your behalf to see if they can get another quote for you.

You can email or call the Broker Team who will assist you by contacting the transport provider on your behalf and provide an estimated time of Collection & Delivery.

This could be due to the vehicle not being registered yet or having had a private plate on the vehicle. If you enter TBC in the registration plate box and press “Enter” you can manually select the correct vehicle from the drop-down menu. Please add the registration plate of the vehicle into the Additional Notes box so that the transport provider knows which vehicle to transport.

Select “New” and then enter the last 7 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can then manually add the correct vehicle from the drop-down menu and the last 7 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will appear on the job listing.

By ticking the boxes marked “This specific date ONLY” which are found under the “Earliest Collection” and “Latest Delivery” boxes you can specify a date and time for collection and/or delivery.

You can either go into the Billing section in your profile and manually pay off some of your invoices to release the amount of credit you need, or you can email the Helpdesk Team who will forward your request for more credit to the relevant department. Please note that by requesting more credit you are authorising Movex to run a credit report on your business and that additional credit may be refused.

Yes, they can use your username and password to log in to the account and continue to list vehicle movements on your behalf. If they are having any issues using your account then you will need to send an email to the Helpdesk Team authorising that you are happy for Movex to reset your password and send both of you a new password.

The cost for a monthly subscription for a dealer is £20 +vat or £5 +vat per job.

Transport providers:

Select “Become a provider” on the transport provider page and complete the registration form.

Dealers place details of the movement they require onto the platform and you will be able to see these listings and quote on moving the vehicles.

There are a number of fixed price jobs on the platform, but the dealers set the price on these not Movex. You can accept the fixed price if you wish or they are also available for you to quote on.

Movex will pay for every job on the platform within four working days of you uploading your proof of collection (POC) and proof of delivery (POD).

We do not require you to invoice us. Your POC/POD is all that is required for us to make payment.

Our minimum requirement is £20,000 per vehicle moved for both driven and transported movements.

You will need an Operator’s licence and £20,000 cover per vehicle moved.

Yes. We will need to know the numbers of your trade plates and we will check and verify them on the motor insurance database.

We are currently looking to onboard companies with 2+ vehicle transporters or sets of trade plates. If you can get a letter of referral from either Sytner, Marshall, Vertu, Manheim or Copart then we can bypass the need for 2.

We have no demo site available so this will not be possible.

Movex has a monthly membership fee of £40+VAT. This is payable each month and is not dependant on you taking any work off the platform. We also take 6% from each job you secure on the platform.

We try to take the monthly membership fee off the first job you do each month. If you do not complete any movements or payment has been paused for the first job, we will invoice you and take this fee via direct debit.

If the POC/POD uploaded is not complete, additional miles have been noted, job completed outside the specified dates, job aborted, or the dealer was unhappy with the movement and requested payment is paused until the matter is resolved.

Once you have completed all the details on your profile page and we have checked and verified your insurance, trade plate numbers, transporter registrations and received your references.

On the day of account activation, we will conduct a 30-40 minute onboarding call. We will use this call to talk you through how to use the platform and show you all its features.